Embroidery & sewing

The best network for the best results.


In cooperation with long-standing partners in our Monkeydrive network, we can deliver on any kind of embroidery, from simple, 3D (e.g. baseball caps), to laser embroidery and more. We take great care to take our time in building up a network of partners we can trust. We look for the best of the best in each field – true specialists who understand and can deliver on our quality standards at Monkeydrive. People who take these aspects every bit as seriously as we do.
Embroidery can deliver the same high level of emotion and quality as screen printing, and it offers some different processing options that create additional value, such as for labelling, re-labelling, patches and merchandise adaptation. We offer you everything beyond printing to give your final product the desired edge.


Whether it’s customer-specific re-labelling, sewing on patches or specific adjustments – nothing’s too tough for our team. We work with trained tailors on modern industrial machinery.

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